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Make Your Desktop Look More Unique and Beautiful

Make Your Desktop Look More Unique and Beautiful

Make Your Desktop Look More Unique and Beautiful in 2020 Give Your Desktop Look Aesthetic | Make Windows 10 Look Better | Expert D This is another theme for desktop. I tried to keep it kind of simple to match the beautiful wallpaper. Hope you guys like it.

Today We have Another Elegant and Minimal Windows 10 theme for clean desktop! In this video you will learn how to make your Windows 10 look Better with this Rainmeter Customization Pack for Free! Using the Nexus docking application, your desktop will look much cleaner and become user friendly. Just watch the video tutorial above & make your windows 10 look better.

In this tutorial we will use Rainmeter, Combined with Nexus Dock gives your desktop a replacement minimal and professional look. Follow the easy steps shown in the video to achieve this look on your laptop or desktop PC.

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What is Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a lightweight desktop customization application for Windows. Rainmeter allows you to display customizable skins on your desktop. This includes information from hardware usage meters to fully functional audio visualizers. It is one of the best desktop customization programs available, allowing you to give your desktop into an attractive, customized look to turn your Desktop into a piece of art! Rainmeter also has a very unique coding language. It Allows Users are to create new skins, that can be shared to other users as well.

For more information on Rainmeter, Click Here.

Make Your Desktop Look More Unique and Beautiful

Do We Need To Customize Our Desktop?

If you are like me and use your computer for hours everyday, you are probably bored seeing that same old desktop over and over again. In my case, I write content for my blog (Yes, this one!) and edit videos for my YouTube Channel called Viral Hattrix. So I noticed that my energy and motivation to work became less and less, most likely because I was seeing same old desktop layout which bored me. That’s when I decided to give my Desktop a Fresh Look. And Believe me, that has increased my focus and improved my workflow. So I guess you should try giving your Desktop a Different Look and see if It helps you too!

Does Rainmeter Slow Down My Computer?

The short answer is ‘No’. Rainmeter does not have much impact on your computer’s performance. But if you are looking for complete answer, let me explain it to you. Many people ask me if using applications like Rainmeter and Nexus Dock will result in loss of performance. I think what you need to understand is how much power it needs, and whether you have enough or not! If you have a good PC with 3GB of RAM or more, and at least 256MB of VRAM (Graphics Memory), you are good to go. I personally tested the power usage of these applications on an Intel i7 9700K with 16GB of DDR4 Memory. I know what you’re thinking, that’s a lot of specs, we don’t have that! Or maybe you do, but I assume you don’t, because you’re reading this! Well you should know I’m not testing if my computer slows down while Rainmeter and Nexus Dock are running! Instead, I will see how much Resource Usage is there by these applications. So In my test, I Found Out That Rainmeter was using ONLY 1-2% CPU, and 8mb of RAM! Nexus Dock was also ONLY using 5-6mb of RAM, where as it’s CPU Usage was 0%!. I think it’s pretty clear that these applications don’t have any impact on performance. However if you have a really old computer and think its causing any problem, you can simply just close rainmeter from the Taskbar icon, and continue with your gaming (or work) to ensure the best performance!

So Without anymore talk, let’s have a look at today’s Rainmeter Customization Pack:


1. Rainmeter
2. 7-zip / WinRAR(or any other archive extraction program).


Watch The Video For Full Instructions.

a) Hide Desktop Icons:
> Right-Click On Desktop -> View -> Uncheck “Show Desktop Icons”.

b) Hide Taskbar:
> Right-Click On Taskbar -> Taskbar Settings -> Check “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode”.

1. Install Rainmeter
2. After installation is finished.
> After installation is finished, you will see widgets on the desktop.
> Remove the widgets by Right-Click > Unlink. (Do this for all default widgets) 3. Copy The Folder “Lumireo & Rainmeter Dock” From “2. Skins Files” and paste to “Documents\Rainmeter\Skins”. 4. Set Wallpaper On Desktop 5. After All Customize Rainmeter Skins.

Watch The Video For Full Instructions.
That’s all!
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I have worked out estimated co-ordinates to center the skins used in this theme (On Rainmeter). You can try using one that matches your resolution. However if it doesn’t work out perfectly, you can always adjust it manually.

Download Mediafire Files Used In The Video

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