Fluent Desktop – Give Your Desktop A New Look

How To Give Your Desktop A New Look. Customize Your Windows 10 Desktop a Make Your Windows Look Better.

This is the most practical desktop customization for windows 10 that I’ve ever come up with, thanks to the awesome designers who designed the rainmeter skins used in this pack.

Make your desktop look better today using this awesome desktop customization pack that I have prepared. The steps are fairly easy to follow and for your ease, everything required is packed in a zip file that you can download for free!

To make it even simpler, this theme doesn’t require you to use Nexus Dock, as used in our previous packs, and hiding the taskbar. Well that’s not a problem with this theme as we will use the windows default taskbar while hiding unwanted icons from it like Cortana, Search, People and other stuff. This makes it more like windows and less like mac ;p

For the desktop we have hidden the icons to make it look neat, while yoh can always access the files either using the windows file explorer or simply un-hiding the icons!

Moreover, I’ve added widgets (or skins if you prefer that) which include a beautiful Clock and Date, Nice little animated weather skin that you can configure for your location easily and change the units (CĀ° or FĀ°), as well as colors (although I would suggest you stick with white as it matches the theme better!). Lastly, there is a simple music visualiser that is essentially two strings vibrating according to your sound output.

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If you’re worried about performance issues, Here’s what you need to know: If you have a decent computer that is working well without this theme, It will most likely work the same WITH this theme as well. In short, there isn’t much performance impact. However if you still want to know minimus specs: anything over 4gb ram should do just fine, and a decent 2+ core processor released within last 10 years.

So Without more waiting, let’s get right on to this clean Desktop Customization Pack:


Rainmeter ā€“ https://www.rainmeter.net/

Fluent Wallpaper ā€“ https://www.expertd.in/windows-10-flu…

Skin Flies Download ā€“ http://www.mediafire.com/file/7eivbvx…

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